Zeeis Attendance.Pro™ Time & Attendance System Moves into Beta

Zeeis introduced a cloud-based Time & Attendance System: “Attendance.Pro”. This Time & Attendance System is moving into beta. Zeeis hopes that with the help of this product introduction, Enterprise HR’s work complexity could be lowered, therefore, they can focus more attention on other important work. That is the latest performance of Zeeis’s freedom, openning up and share values. Moreover, it lays groundwork for Zeeis upcoming heavyweight product -BYOD.

Attendance.Pro™ Time & Attendance System allows users to do operation such as punch in/out and time management via any web-enabled device. It fully supports Windows/Linux, Mac OS X PCs and iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Phone mobile devices. This enables users to record, check and manage their team or organization members' attendance information conveniently.

Attendance.Pro™ Time & Attendance System supports multilanguage and multi time zone. The global usability makes it possible to support punch in/out and time management at different offices, countries and even time zones.

Attendance.Pro™ Time & Attendance System adopts responsive design which can adapt to different screen size. It supports multilanguage including simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese and English. With elastic time management, it is capable to set the punch in/out and lunch break time flexibly. Users can register conveniently by filling in brief information and attend the organization via sending out waves of emails. Administrators can check the attendance information by week, month or year through customizable statistics. This system with strict safety mechanism will document any modification of punch in/out records. With the feature of punch out automatically, it enables users to set the working hours when their stuff forgot to punch out. Meanwhile, this powerful Time & Attendance System is totally free.

About Zeeis

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