Zeeis become an official partner of Intel

Intel, the leading manufacturer of semiconductor chips, announced that it build relationship with Zeeis. Collaboration between Intel and Zeeis mainly aims at providing high quality products and services for customers. Intel’s superior processor technology will support Zeeis for the future products R&D and business promotion. As the leading provider of embedded software and hardware, Zeeis’s FOTA technology is also helpful for Intel’s business development.

Zeeis’s FOTA is the industry’s only comprehensive, cloud-based mobile/embedded software update and management system product with competitively priced for mid/large scale deployments. FOTA is designed for upgrades to network-enabled embedded devices such as mobile phones, tablets, portable media players, and mobile Internet devices.

The FOTA technology is able to support manufacturers to offer services to their customers more conveniently. Adding new functions to devices that have already been used by customers is also available, which will maintain the fascination of the devices. What’s more, when manufacturers announces improvements such as power management or performance optimization, FOTA will immediately deploy the improvements to relevant customers. All in all, FOTA makes it possible to make customers' experience of continuously better.


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About Intel

As the world’s largest manufacturer of semiconductor chips, Intel provide modules for the global developing computer industry, which include microprocessors, chip sets, boards, systems and softwares. These products are finally used to advanced computer production.

Intel is dedicated to offering modules for the global network economy in aspects of servers, network communications, Internet solutions and Internet services.

About Zeeis

As the leading provider of embedded software and hardware, Zeeis delivers products and services that help accelerate business innovation for Zeeis' customers. Zeeis has been able to maintain steady growth by always putting Zeeis' customers first. Zeeis is a private high-tech enterprise which specializes in research and development (R&D), production and marketing of embedded software and hardware, and providing customized solutions for embedded developers.