DM368 Module/Modules

It supports both the main and sub stream Providing SDK available for design easily and quickly Ultra-small size of 38MM * 38MM for adaptability

DM368 module/modules use TI DaVinci™ DM368 processors, supported by the ONVIF standard of various domestic and foreign brands of NVR, can support dual-stream, and the main stream can support up to 1920 * 1080 resolution and video at 30 frames per second; minor stream supports up to D1 resolution (720 * 576) video; it adopts the high quality CMOS / CCD sensors of high sensitivity and excellent image. DM368 series module also has the characteristics of small size and low power consumption.

DM368 Module Overview

Zeeis can offer a stable and reliable operation of DM368 module that can be available for wide temperature, high dust, high salt mist, high vibration, and other harsh environments.

38MM * 38MM of industry-standard and ultra-small size has lots of selection of third-party supporting shell, HD bolt, infrared machines, ball machine, all of which can be installed and used. It can be widely applied in IP cameras, home security monitoring, network cameras, VOIP phones, Internet video conferencing systems, cloud monitoring, and many other areas.

Zeeis has the most completed product line in the world based on TI DaVinci (DaVinci™) DM368 processor, can open SDK for secondary development for clients, and also provide low-cost DM368 module to customize and develop solutions for small and medium enterprises.

DM368 Core Module

DM368 for TI DaVinci™ TMS320DM368

DM368 Expansion Module Board Products

  • DM368 5MC - 5 Megapixel Camera for 1/2.5" CMOS
  • DM368 3MC - 5 Megapixel Camera 1/3" CMOS
  • DM368 Wi-Fi - Wi-Fi module
  • DM368 POE - POE cable power supply module
  • DM368 CVBS - CVBS video output module


  • Professor

    • TI DaVinci™ DM368 (TMS320DM368)
    • ARM926EJ-S™ RISC
    • Dual-core Video processing Engines (HDVICP, MJCP)
  • Video and Audio

    • Alarm Audio Output
    • CVBS D1 Video Output (optional)
    • HD Board SMOS Camera Input
    • Automatic aperture (optional)
  • Input and Output

    • EIA-485 (RS485)
    • USB 2.0
    • 10MB/100MB Ethernet Interface
    • POE Power Supply Interface (optional)
    • SD Card Interface (optional)
    • Infrared Interface

DM368 module price

DM368 module is highly cost-effective, and customers can directly buy it in bulk. If there is a special need, customers can also buy a full set of means of production to produce on their own, and provide a full set of development data for customers to develop the second time after purchasing.

If you are ready to buy Zeeis DM368 products, or if you have questions about how our DM368 products can bring you outstanding cost efficiency and new capabilities for you, please contact us or send email to [email protected] for further information.


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