DaVinci™ DM6467 Product Family

Complete resources included: Software Source code , Circuit board schematics , PCB layout and Gerber files .

DM6467/DM6467t Total Solution provides the complete design resources: detailed design files, Real-time Linux, applications, source code, electronic schematics (circuit diagrams), PCB layouts and Gerber files. All of these resources allow DM6467/DM6467t developers to build the final High Definition Video 1080p products with the TI DaVinci™ High Definition TMS320DM6467/DM6467t networked media encode and decode application processors.

DM6467/DM6467t Reference Design and Total Solution

Zeeis offers the world’s most complete product family of TI DaVinci™ HD (DM6467/DM6467t) processors, it is the low-cost total solution for small to enterprise level organizations:

  • DM6467 EVM - Evaluation Module for TI DaVinci™ HD
  • DM6467 DVEVM - Digital Video Evaluation Module for TI DaVinci™ HD
  • DM6467 Development Board for TI DaVinci™ HD
  • DM6467 Four-Channel Video Encoder for TI DaVinci™ HD
  • DM6467 Reference Design for TI DaVinci™ HD

For more information please visit DM6467 website for more information.

DM6467/DM6467t Hardware and Software

DM6467 & DM6467t EVM / DVEVM / DB / 4 Channel (DM6467 & DM6467t Evaluation Module / Digital Video Evaluation Module / Development Board) consists of two boards connected. One board contains the DM6467/DM6467t Processor, DDR2 Memory, NAND Flash, IDE, JTAG and Ethernet. Another board is called the DM6467/DM6467t expansion board and provides peripheral interfaces.

All DM6467/DM6467t products run pre-programmed Embedded Linux with High Definition H.264 Video Encode and Decode demo application.

DM6467/DM6467t Specifications

  • Processor

    • TI DaVinci™ DM6467/DM6467t (TMS320DM6467/TMS320DM6467t)
    • ARM926EJ-S™ RISC Subsystem
    • TMS320C64x+™ DSP Subsystem
  • Memory and Storage

    • 256MBytes DDR2 Memory
    • 128MBytes NAND Flash
    • ATA Interface supports IDE Hard Drive
    • SATA Interface supports SATA (Optional Component)
  • Audio and Video

    • Component High-Definition Video Output
    • Component High-Definition Video Input
    • Composite Video Input
    • Composite Video Output
    • S-Video Input
    • S-Video Output
    • Line Out
    • Line In
    • HP (Headphone) Out
    • MIC In
    • AIC32 Stereo Codec
    • CD-quality Audio Input and Output
  • Input and Output

    • EIA-485 (RS485)
    • IR Remote Interface
    • 9-pin UART RS232
    • USB Host 2.0 Interface supports to access any external USB devices such as storage drives
    • JTAG Interfaces
    • 3 GPIO Programmable Buttons
    • 10MB/100MB/1000MB Ethernet Interface

Licensing and Pricing

DM6467/DM6467t products for TI DaVinci™ HD DSP + ARM® platform from Zeeis are the low-costand royalty-free hardware & software IP designed to enable developers design their own final products quickly and easily, so there are no restrictions or limitations on the use or modification for your products.

If you are ready to buy Zeeis DM6467/DM6467t products, or if you have questions about how our DM6467/DM6467t products can bring you outstanding cost efficiency and new capabilities for you, please contact us or send email to [email protected] for further information.


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