FOTA: Firmware Over-the-Air

Fully Proven and Verified; Source Code Product; Low-cost & Royalty-free License; Highly Scalable and Reliable

Firmware Over-the-Air (FOTA) from Zeeis is designed for upgrades to network-enabled embedded devices such as mobile phones, tablets, portable media players, and mobile Internet devices.

Firmware Over-the-Air Overview

Zeeis FOTA is the industry’s only comprehensive, cloud-based mobile/embedded software update and management system product with competitively priced for mid/large scale deployments. FOTA from Zeeis is more efficient solution for tracking and installing firmware, embedded software component and mobile application updates for embedded operating systems and mobile applications on end-users' mobile devices worldwide. It’s more cost-effective than original update method was, and it’s flexible and extensible to meet a range of device manufacture needs and new business situations. Zeeis is the world’s only company to offer royalty-free & business-friendly license with full source code for device manufactures, mobile network operators, semiconductor companies, and operating system development companies.

Firmware Over-the-Air Features

  • Processor and RTOS independent
  • Optimized performance and reliability for limited resources
  • RAM and ROM resources usage highly scalable by configurable features
  • Supports Data verification to ensure update firmware and software integrity
  • Advanced algorithms to maximize security and speed up data transfer
  • Publishing system supports to push updates to Zeeis FOTA enabled devices
  • Supports controlled updates and scheduled updates
  • Robust concurrent policy-based server pushes update to the specified device
  • Reporting System collects update statistics, device information, configuration parameters…
  • Free technical support for unlimited number of support cases
  • Free software upgrades
  • 100% ANSI C source code for guaranteed portability
  • Under an alternative, open and direct business model
  • Royalty-free & business-friendly license

Porting FOTA to Your Platform

There is a standard procedure how we handle custom platform runtime requests of Zeeis Firmware Over-the-Air for your platform (hardware device & software operating system):

Step 1 - Free feasibility assessment

To evaluate the technical feasibility of a runtime port to your target platform, we need you to provide the following information:

  • The target platform processor and model number;
  • The target platform memory resources;
  • The target platform operating system name and version number;
  • The target platform graphic environment (GUI) name and version number. We will evaluate your platform and contact you within three business days, whether we think a port is possible or not. Step 1 is free of charge.

Step 2 - Evaluating Firmware Over-the-Air Demo Version

If we can port Zeeis Firmware Over-the-Air on your platform, we need you to send us a copy of your hardware with the required operating system installed and a copy of the necessary development tools as well as a confirmation that we are allowed to use the software and hardware free of charge for testing and development. We execute a series of tests and try to create an initial library and demo port for you platform, which we will provide to you for test and evaluate (given the initial steps are successful). If you chose to not order the port, we will send back the loan hardware and software immediately. There is a fixed fee for Step 2. (The fee may be waived under certain conditions)

If you order the port, we will perform the work and finalize the job by running our internal test suite. You will receive the ported material under our licensing contract.

Firmware Over-the-Air Licensing

Zeeis Firmware Over-the-Air is the low-cost and royalty-free software IP designed to enable developers design their own final products quickly and easily, so there are no restrictions or limitations on the use or modification for your products. If you are ready to obtain Zeeis FOTA royalty-free & business-friendly license with porting service for binary code or source code, or if you have questions about how our Zeeis FOTA can bring you outstanding cost efficiency and new capabilities for you, please contact us or send email to [email protected] for further information.