Enssages: End-to-End Encrypted Instant Messaging Solution

End-to-End Encrypted Messages; Privacy & No Data; Forced Full Encrypted Conversations; Trust Model for Secure Communication;

Enssages is a high-level secure communications solution for business, industry and public sector needs. Zeeis contributed resources and technologies to support for Enssages independent development.

Enssages Overview

As the leading encrypted messaging solution, it is designed for sending and receiving End-to-End Encrypted Messages with one focus on the ultimate secure communication in the world.

All data included messages, attachments and files are fully encrypted before transferred to the network and only you and the receiver can decrypt Enssage messages. Not even the carrier can read them. Messages will be stored on the servers until they have been delivered. No cache will be stayed in the sever.Your private keys will not be acquired by the sever , so no previous or on-going conversation will be compromised.

Unlike other messenger Apps, Enssage is not interested in your name,telephone numbers, contacts,messages,photos or locations.

Enssage is very easy to use. Install it on your smart phones or tablets now and get your privacy back !

Amazing Features of Enssage Encryption:

  • Forced End-to-End Encrypted Messages and Data at rest and in-transit
  • Cross-platform solution supports iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android, Windows Phone, Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X…
  • No Data, Enssages does not read name, phone number or contact list…
  • Enssage ensure that no man-in-the-middle attack can possibly succeed

Enssages Official Website

Please visit Enssages: End-to-End Encrypted Instant Messaging Web

Enssages for iPhone

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