End-to-End Encrypted Instant Messaging APP

December 27, 2014 – Zeeis officially delivered the latest masterpiece “Enssages” in the civilian market. With the capability of End-to-End Encrypted Messages, the APP protects your information entirely during transferring. You can send messages by using Enssages, which will also support the multimedia messages of voice, pictures, and videos in the future.

Enssages protect your privacy entirely. Since sending messages to the receiving party means that destruction is to prevent the third one to inspect, Snapchat, which only destroys the most insignificant data of the receiver, cannot do anything about the peeping from the third one. After the data passing route equipment and switching equipment, there are lots of ways to retrieve information, and the information are easily captured and stored. However, the messages that you have sent are still stored in Snapchat server. Not long ago, the event that the pictures stored in the Snapchat server had once been leaked out, drawing the public in an uproar.

Unlike other messenger Apps, Enssages is End-to-End Encrypted Instant Messaging APP, in which the information is strictly encrypted and then sent directly to the receiver’s client to decode. All messages are fully encrypted during transferring, which ensures the secure communication. Even by route equipment, switching equipment or other ways to capture the transferred information, the information content cannot be understood without decryption. Not even the carrier can read them. Messages will be stored on the servers until they have been delivered. No cache will be stayed in the sever.

Enssages is not interested in the information of users for any reason. Its goal is to not get any users’ information.

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