Zeeis Provided the Core Control Module for the Leading Domestic UAV Manufacturer

March 20, 2015 – Today, Zeeis announced that providing a core control module based on TI Davinci platform for the leading domestic UAV manufacturer. The UAV manufacturer have come to Zeeis to make a field research. The two sides held a warm and friendly talks, both sides said that they will continue to cooperate with each other on more projects.

With a high degree of intelligence and automation capabilities, the UAV control system fly in accordance with pre-set GPS coordinates, record HD video storage and local storage. It can also open free driving mode, using Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G network to transmit the video data and the flight information back to the control terminal, the operator of the aircraft is able to immediately learn the flight information (including: the ground and the surrounding video data from camera, the GPS coordinates for UAV, the aircraft battery power, flying speed and the height above ground and other aircraft information).

The telecontrolled aircraft is limited by its control mode, and cannot be separated from people’s sight. The early UAVs can only follow the set route to fly. The new master control system from Zeeis based on Ti DaVinci platform thoroughly solves the problem. Ti DaVinci platform has powerful processing ability, making H.264 compression video and high-definition image transmission in real time. With the Ti DaVinci, you just sit at home to enjoy the beauty outside and catch a large number of shocking image, directly recording 1080p HD video and taking photos up to 12 million pixels. In the open environment with few obstructions, it transmits videos and control aircraft through Wi-Fi. When in the complex environment, it starts a wider range of 3G, 4G network for data communication. Users can also set multiple return points, once the control signal is lost, the flight control system from Zeeis will automatically fly to the return point that has been marked before, the return point is the flying point by default.

The UAV control system from Zeeis connected with multi-channel to receive the control signals, data transmission, etc.. It can be connected with a variety of scientific equipment and obtain the experimental data for synchron postback, but also for PTZ control, external device switch and other operations.

At present, the world’s mainstream UAV and unmanned ship manufacturers both use the core control module maked by TI DaVinci platform, such as DJI and Yunzhou-Tech. TI DaVinci platform in this area has incomparable advantages, for example, DM368, DM6467, DM8148, DM8168 and other chips are widely used in various enterprise products.

About DJI

DJI, founded in 2006, is the world-leading unmanned surface vehicle and R&D manufacturer for solving the problems about UAV, with customers in over 100 countries worldwide. Along with the continuous innovation, DJI is committed to providing the smart flight control products and solutions with the strongest performance and the best experience for UAV industry, professional users and professional aerial applications.

As the world’s top UAV flight platform, independent developer and manufacturer for video system, DJI always takes the leading technology and advanced products as the core development. It started from the earliest commercial flight control system, gradually developed and launched helicopter flight control system for ACE series, multi-rotor flight control system, professional flight platform for somersault cloud series, multi-rotor machine, triaxial handheld products. It not only fills the domestic and foreign technology gaps, but also becomes the world’s leading enterprise in the same industry. Taking “flight imaging system” as the core development, DJI brings a new sensory flight experience through a multi-level aerial camera program, making the flight controlled arbitrarily by the public.

About Yunzhou-Tech

Zhuhai Yunzhou Intelligence Technology Ltd. is the Chinese leading developers and providers. The company has completely independent intellectual property rights of unmanned ship, the products have been widely used in water monitoring, hydrogeological mapping, nuclear radiation monitoring and research and other fields. The company has a team of standard management, efficient operation, devotion and innovation, with technical team containing many fields of robot automation, mechanical designing and manufacturing, artificial intelligence, water monitoring, software programming, wireless communications, embedded systems, and so on.

In September, 2014, Yunzhou-Tech developed marine high-performance unmanned ship platform of “Navigator” series, filling the gaps in this field in China. The unmanned ship has a very broad application prospect in the field of marine monitoring, marine surveying, the emergency response at sea, and so on.

About Zeeis

As the leading provider of embedded software and hardware, Zeeis delivers products and services that help accelerate business innovation for our customers. We have been able to maintain steady growth by always putting our customers first. Zeeis is a private high-tech enterprise which specializes in research and development (R&D), production and marketing of embedded software and hardware, and providing customized solutions for embedded developers.


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