TI Official Partner, Released the Second-generation DM8148 Development Board

June 10th, 2015 – Zeeis, as the TI official partner, released the second-generation DM8148 development board, which is used for video transmission and video processing of digital video recorders (DVR), UAV master, unmanned ship master, people counting, etc., and is also used in lots of fields on DSP.

Zeeis, as industry-leading provider to solve TI DaVinci™, has released the second-generation DM8148 development board. The manufacture of the development board uses TI TMS320DM8148 digital media processor, which contains a processor up to 1GHz ARM®rtex™-A8 RISC and a DSP of 750MHz C674x™ VLIW. The processor has a strong processing capacity. Compared to the first-generation DM8148 development board, the second-generation DM8148 development board optimizes the interface configuration and reduces some rarely used interface according to the need of customers. Therefore, it greatly reduces the procurement cost of customers and increases some universally needed interfaces, such as PCI-E, HD-SDI, DVI, HDMI interface and upgrades to 1GBytes DDR3 memory, greatly improving their flexibility, which allow customers to have sufficient memory to write the algorithm.

Because of the second-generation DM8148 development board from Zeeis adhering to the company’s consistent high quality characteristics and dismissing the disadvantages of the first-generation, there is no need for the second-generation with the characteristics of low cost and high reliability to consume manpower and material resources to design and produce the main control board by its own in the production of special equipment. With tens of thousands of customers experiencing the stability of DM8148 development board from Zeeis in various complex conditions and application environment, there is undoubtedly the better choice to directly purchase the second-generation DM8148 development board in bulk.

For more information about DM8148’s solutions and products, please visit the official website of DM8148

DaVinci™ TMS320DM814x video processor is a highly integrated and programmable platform, which meets the following applications with the help of TI’s DaVinci “processor technology: HD Video Conferencing - Skype endpoint, the DVR Video Survelliance, IP network camera, digital signage, media player/adapter, mobile medical imaging, network projector, home audio/video equipment, and so on.

With the great flexibility of fully integrated mixed processor solutions, the device enables original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and original design manufacturers (ODM) to put the equipment of steady operating systems support, rich user interface and high processing performance on market quickly.


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