The video player from Zeeis was MIPS processor platform of Actions

December 5, 2012 – Actions, a technology group committed to integrated circuit design and manufacturing of large semiconductor, announced the use of the video player from Zeeis, applied to the MIPS processor platform, to create online HD video client.

Integrated ATM7001 chip scheme from Actions has carried the domestic famous brands of smart PMP and puts it into mass production. In this scheme, it preset the stream media player from Zeeis in the smart PMP, which supports the QIY, Youku, TuDou, Sohu, Le and other online TV to play. Any videos and audios in various websites can rely on the streaming media player to play online HD video without Flash Plug-ins. The whole playback process is clear, smooth, and there are no off-frame, Caton, synchronized for audio and video or other unnormal phenomena, providing users with more free online HD video experience.

The research techniques of industry-leading HD video player from Zeeis have been applied to various embedded platforms, and the series products, which support mouse, touch screen keyboard and many other input devices, are customized for mobile devices. Customers can also use the player as the core to customize various user interface.

About Actions

With headquarters in Zhuhai, Actions is a public company in Nasdap of America, and is an IC design enterprise qualified for participating in the international competence leaded by professional team. The company has an unique advantage in the development and production of main control chip of digital multimedia, and its multimedia chip products occupy nearly 50% of the global market share, ranking first in the same industry. Up to the end of 2012, the company’s total assets are 1.588 billion, and net assets are 1.008 billion, ranking the top of the domestic IC design enterprises.

About Zeeis

Zeeis is the world’s leading provider of embedded hardware and software. The products and services help Zeeis quickly launch new innovative products. Zeeis adheres to the principle of customer first, regarding the success of customers as our success. Zeeis is a private high-tech enterprise, with R & D capabilities of cross-platform and cross-industry, specializing in software and hardware product development, production, custom-development and other business.

About the MIPS processor

MIPS is a popular RISC processor in the world. MIPS means “Microprocessor without interlocked piped stages”, which implies to use software to avoid some data issues in the pipeline. It is one of the earliest commercial RISC chips, and these series of products become parts of various workstations and computer systems for many computer companies.

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