Zeeis Officially Supports Scala Programming Language and Provides Related Technical Support and Other Services

September 20, 2012 —— Recently, Zeeis has officially launched Scala training, Scala consultants, Scala custom development and other related services.

The Scala programming language is a purely object-oriented functional programming language. Writing code in Scala can make your work simple, efficient and enjoyable. It reduces a lot of unnecessary codes, so users will soon be attracted by its charm. Besides, it is safe and comprehensive, because Scala is developed based on the JAVA language. Its compiled Class bytecode files can be run directly on the JAVA virtual machine, which has all the characteristics of security and stability of JAVA language. What’s more interesting is that Scala can directly call Java’s class library. Some well-known practitioners in the industry commented: “Scala may be the next generation of Java.”

Zeeis has been pursuing the top technologies. The emergence of Scala makes the R&D team feel happy and they take the lead in adopting Scala language as the main programming language of its core business in China. Through a long period of practice and research, Zeeis’s R&D team have accumulated a lot of R&D experiences, have a very deep understanding of Scala and have written a lot of Open Source code to give back to the community.

At present, the development in domestic Scala-related business is very limited. In order to better promote this programming language and allow more outsourcing service companies to take over Scala-related business overseas, Zeeis has launched a series of supporting services of Scala. With the R&D experiences accumulated by the R&D team, we can provide on-site training services for employees of related companies and provide consulting services for companies that encounter difficulties in R&D to help them get out of their difficulties. For very urgent tasks, Zeeis has also launched Outsourcing services to solve the urgent needs of enterprises.

About Typesafe

Typesafe was founded by Martin Odersky and Jonas Bonér in the United States in 2011. The company provides a complete set of JVM-based open source development platforms that allow users to quickly build their own applications. Typesafe provides: Play architecture, Akka middleware, Scala language and other supporting products and development tools necessary for development, such as Scala’s integrated development environment “Scala IDE for Eclipse”, database access management system “Slick”, etc.

Typesafe also provides related training services and consulting services.

Martin Odersky: the creator of the Scala language, professor of the EPFL (Switzerland’s leading technical university) programming research group, worked at the IBM Research Institute, Yale University, Karlsruhe University and the University of South Australia, and received a doctor degree in 1989 .

Jonas Bonér: the creator of Akka middleware.

About Zeeis

Zeeis is the world’s leading supplier of embedded software and hardware. Zeeis’s products and services can help companies quickly launch innovative new products. Because of always adhering to the principle of “customer first”, Zeeis’s business has maintained continuous and stable growth. Zeeis is a private high-tech enterprise, specializing in R&D, production and custom development of embedded software and hardware products and provides customized solutions and other services for embedded device developers.


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