Embedded Software and Hardware

Zeeis is a professional research and development (R&D) company with over 10 years of development experiences in the embedded systems field, and provides high quality custom development services.


Our experienced engineers conduct a thorough review of customer requirements and expectations, and develop a turnkey solution to meet each customer’s precise specifications.

The R&D team specializes in the development of mobile communications based embedded devices and mobile network applications (including server and client) and uses the most cutting-edge network technologies, such as Instant Push Technology enables mobile devices instantly receive information from the server without delay and reduce power consumption.

Embedded Software Development

Zeeis offers embedded software development services (including cross-platform applications, bootloader, device drivers, protocol stacks, and RTOS/Linux kernel ports). Our engineers have deep knowledge of x86 and ARM Architectures enable to provide machine level software development such as Assembly language programming and hardware initialization code, and algorithms optimization service for the hardware acceleration module such as DSP, FPGA or ASIC.

We provide cross-platform embedded applications work on many operating systems: Nucleus, µC/OS-II, eCos, Linux, Windows CE, Windows Mobile, J2ME…

Embedded Hardware Development

Zeeis offers complete services from development of a draft for hardware design up to serial production.

The Zeeis hardware development team is skilled in high speed design and layout, able to draw on years of experience at the forefront of PCB design using the most powerful CAD tools.

Our designers are experts in complex PCB layout, focusing on hand routing of efficient, cost effective circuit boards. All of our designers have considerable experience at the forefront of PCB design.

Zeeis always offer a full turnkey solution from schematic capture through to fully assembled boards with software integration.

Mobile Internet Software Development

The Zeeis Mobile Internet technologies provide wide mobility for increases connectivity for information through real-time data access and entry. Whether on the traditional network or mobile/wireless network environment, we able to offer our customers secure and highly reliable network communications of server and client software.

We have a comprehensive server-side and client-side device and software development capabilities:

The Server-side software can be customized to support Linux, Unix, Solaris, Windows Server and other server operating systems and work on different server hardware architecture (such as x86-32 IA32, x86-64, IA-64, PowerPC, MIPS, SPRAC, ARM…).

The Client software can also work on the multiple platform such as Java (J2SE, J2ME), Linux, Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/Server, Windows CE, Windows Mobile, Symbian, Nucleus, eCos and a wide range of desktop, embedded or mobile device’s operating systems or hardware architectures.