Scala Related Services


Scala is changing the way how software constructed.Currently Scala already has a large number of followers, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Siemens and other large companies.

Zeeis can provide complete Scala training courses, With our training program,beginners or experienced engineers, they both can expect a rapid growth in this field. We will use the case-to-case teaching methods, allowing you to learn step by step.

We offer regular open enrollment classes with a pre-defined agenda.If you have a large team , we can also provide on-site training service. We will work with you to understand your needs and tailor a course that matches the needs of the attendees.

The training content includes: Scala language, Play framework, Lift architecture, Database operations.

Zeeis Scala training courses are developed by senior engineers who have long been engaged in Scala related project development, and have abundant front-line working experience.


Zeeis can deliver targeted advice and support for the Scala language projects and library,in the stage of structure designing and Software Programming. With a wealth of experience we can help you adjust your framework designing, library choosing ,code reviewing,hidden risks detecting.

Training and building a team is just as important as Scala developing, we can help you set up a team, train your team members,pass on the most advanced ideas and techniques to them.

If you have trouble in deciding whether your project should use Scala, please let us help you to analyze the situation. If you are experiencing difficulties in the development of the project, please let us help you to solve the problem.

Zeeis offers overall assistances and services concerning Scala,for example:

  • Help your company to overcome the technical barriers and accelerate product release.
  • Assessment on the quality, security,and reliability of code.
  • Team training and product developing can be conducted simultaneously with our on-site staff.

Scala Outsourced Product Development

Scala features:

  • Scala has the same advantages and features as Java, Java libraries can be used directly;
  • Scala code is more concise, legible and understandable than Java code;
  • To perform the same function, Scala needs less code;
  • More secure and reliable, and not easy to be attacked.

Zeeis & Scala

Zeeis is the first company in China to fully adopt Scala in major products,whose large Scala language platform software has been used by many listed companies. After thousands of stress tests the solo server has been proved that its performance is extremely stable.

We know that the completion of a truly usable product is extremely difficult, We know how much the products matter to a company. If you trust us with your products,We will try our best to ensure you deliver great software as rapidly as possible. We should strictly observe business rules,and promise that we will not produce any competing products of our clients.